How will I run for office from jail?

With the assistance of my lovely and courageous wife Dana over the past 16 months, I have survived a 100-day hunger strike, written or contributed to over 100 articles published at a wide variety of outlets, been featured by Rolling Stone online and CRTV’s Michelle Malkin Investigates, did a Reddit AMA, appeared on international news, podcasts, FOX 25 evening news and more – all while unjustly incarcerated for helping to save a young girl’s life by the same corrupt, heartless thugs who have had the Commonwealth in a chokehold for decades now, elevating themselves above the law by breaking up families, engaging in bribery and perpetrating countless violations of the Constitution. It will take an unorthodox campaign to send Elizabeth Warren back to the Harvard Swamp then drain it. Money can only be marginally effective against the most corrupt and special of the special interests like her. With the help of my brave wife, I am the Massachusetts native who can do that and we’ll see who’s in jail when this is all over.